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There are many reasons as to why Martial Arts is good for you, but it all depends by asking yourself what you want to gain from it. To share some examples, people do Wing Chun because of passion for the fighting system, some do Wing Chun to keep healthy or some do Wing Chun to focus on themselves and have a break from their busy lifestyle.

Ultimately one of the key reason is so that you can ACTUALLY DEFEND YOURSELF and Martial Arts will expose the truth whether you can or cannot, it is only achieved by having the willingness to learn and through tough consistent training.

In order to improve is to have a goal in what your trying to do, so start by asking yourself WHY YOU WANT TO LEARN?

Start now and participate in a trial lesson bookings can be done by phone or using the contact form below.



Swiss Cottage Community Centre

19 Winchester Road, 

London, United Kingdom NW3 3NG


For enquiries please call: 07405841193 

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