We run Adult classes only (age 18+) For both men and women mixed class, every Monday from 6:45pm-8pm excluding Bank Holidays


How much does it cost to attend the Wing Chun classes?

The website does not publish our class tuition nor do we send pricing information, our preference is to meet potential students in person. Our classes run different to gym type memberships, who's interest focuses more on a commercial level. 

Our approach is to introduce a trial class, this way you can gain a better understanding and figure out if Wing Chun or our school is right for you. Pricing will be given at the end of the class.

We apologise if this may seem like a strict process to those who simply want pricing, however the effort has to start from the onset, and making the first step by taking part in class. 

The school consist of members who make a commitment (discipline) who set aside once a week to come train and learn the Art. Our aim is not to make the classes as large as possible. More so, to focus on quality tuition


How do I book a trial lesson?

Simply enter your details in the contact form and press send or call, please specify which Monday that you can attend and we will then reply back and arrange your request.

Do you teach kids or private for kids?

I don't run kids classes or take kids private tuitions. I teach the adults curriculum for age 18 or older


Do you offer private lessons?

Yes I do teach private lessons for adults, if your interested please use the contact form or call me to find out more

When are the beginners classes taught?

We do not run seperate beginners class, the class is all mixed with different levels. This way everyone benefits from each other. The beginners learn from the advance and the advance benefit by paying attention to the basics.

What is the lesson schedules?

The lesson normally starts with a work out so that the body is warmed up and ready, it is then followed with Pad-work drills focusing on speed power and accuracy, the majority of the class is then spent learning Wing Chun content and applying it by pairing up with partners. We also incorporate class discussions and analysing exercises for a more thorough understanding.

How many classes are there per week?

At the moment classes are only taught on Monday from 6:45pm - 8:00pm

I sent a message online or left a voicemail but I've not had a reply?

Please check your spam/junk folder. With voicemails, sometimes we cannot hear the message clearly. It is better to email us via the contact form.

Can I observe your classes?

We do not allow observation during class. If you would like to find out more please consider a trial introductory lesson. 

All introductory classes need to be booked in advance, please do not turn up at the start of the lesson. Simply use the contact form to book a lesson, specify a date and we confirm your attendance via email.

What do I wear to train?

Prior to becoming a full member, where a school uniform is necessary. General gym wear is suitable. For example a t-shirt, jogging bottoms and trainers. Training in bare feet or socks is not allowed.


What level of fitness is required for your classes?

  Most forms of martial arts requires some level of fitness in order to be proficient. At our school we occassionally warm up with some physical exercises to build up your stamina and endurance. Students get an idea of the fitness level required. If you are a little unfit then you are there to train to get more fit. The level of fitness in class is to help keep the students at an optimum level. The more important question is what level of fitness do you want to achieve and how much are you willing to put into it?


I done Wing Chun before, can you just teach me where I left off?

Not all Wing Chun is the same or taught in the same way. Our policy is that no matter how long you have done Wing Chun before, you must start from the beginning. However because you have done Wing Chun before and with your familiarity, your progress is likely to be faster



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