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Wing chun is an efficient fighting system which is based on two principles


Economy of motion

Doing things the most efficient and fastest way possible

Conservation of energy

Knowing when and how to use your POWER at the right time

With both in mind, our way of Wing Chun is to be the most effective for combat. It is no different to the ways in which you would like the same results in life, Wing Chun can empower you and how you go about your day through the practice of the martial way.


Wing Chun is an effective system based on a scientific & mathematical approach to combat. 


Wing Chun is fighting system that was developed hundreds of years ago. Legends says that it was invented by a Buddhist nun called Ng Mui, she fled from the Shaolin temple, which was burnt down by the Ching dynasty emperor who considered the Shaolin temple to be a threat. Ng Mui studied the actions of the snake and crane. She created a new fighting system based on this and taught it to a girl named Yim Wing Chun.


Dr Leung Jan from Foshan China is one of the Wing Chun successor recorded in history. Leung Jan taught a student named Chan Wah Shun and he taught the infamous Ip Man.


Ip man, famously known for teaching superstar Bruce Lee and he’s dedication to developing and spreading Wing Chun Kung fu.


The Wing Chun School Swiss Cottage comes from the same Ip Man lineage and will continue to adhere to the system.


The curriculum consists of three forms (Siu Nim Tao, Chum Kiu, Biu Jee), and wooden dummy form. Chi sau also known as sticking hands is also a renowned method of training used in Wing Chun. 

Wing Chun improves health, fitness, reflexes, self discipline, confidence and live a healthier lifestyle


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It's better to learn how to defend yourself and never use it. Than to not know how when you need it

Uninvited confrontations can happen at any time, it could be someone trying to steal from you when your at the ATM, you could be walking down a quiet street and someone tries to steal your phone or take advantage of you or your loved ones in the worst ways. 

These moments can be very serious and life changing, and it only takes a few minutes. Learning self defence can prepare you to handle those very important few minutes preventing danger.



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